Board Meeting Policy

Public Speaking at Newark Prep Charter School Board Meetings

What are the procedures for speaking at a Newark Prep Board of Trustees Meeting?
Persons interested in addressing the Newark Prep Board of Trustees must register in writing by 4:00 pm the day before the scheduled Board of Trustees Meeting. The request is to be delivered to the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary Office at Newark Prep Charter School, 570 Broad St. Newark, NJ 07102, who will provide a date/time stamped receipt. The request must include the speakers name, address, phone number, email, and a detailed description of the topic to be presented.

Is there a time limit to address the Board?
Individuals will present remarks within a three (3) minute time period.

Should the speaker expect the Board to engage in discussion or make decisions at the time of their address to the Board?
No. While members of the Board are free to ask questions for clarification, and may respond to remarks if they so choose, the purpose of this portion of the Board Meeting is to provide the public with the opportunity to present concerns to the Board. The comments presented will be respectfully listened to by the Board, and inform further discussion and possible future action.

What is the protocol/decorum for the Board of Trustees Meeting?
Speakers must be present at the Board Meeting when their names are called, and give their name, address, relation to the school/organization at the beginning of their comments. Communication should be respectful and in a conversational tone at all times. Sharing or granting speaking time to others is not permitted. Speakers are cautioned that personally directed statements may be slanderous or defaming, and the individual speaker is liable for his/her statements. In addition, personal attacks, naming school employees, racial slurs, profanity, excessive loudness, generally disruptive behavior, or attempts to incite others to such, may be grounds to be asked to leave the meeting. If necessary, the Board Meeting will be adjourned.